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Welcome to my homepage about Frikorps Denmark.

My name is Lars Larsen, born in 1980. Married and have a child at the age of 6.

I'm a bricklayer and my main interest is Danes in Waffen SS, it has been that since i was 9-10 years.

During the years i have visited about 26 former SS members to hear there story.

For me it is only the history that is interesting, I take distance from all neo nazism and other political groups.

I'm working at my second book, the first is about SS volounteers that came from Randers(The town i live in). It was published in Autunn 2017.

The book i'm working at now is about a former Frikorps Danmark member, who joined the SS in 1942, and were fighting at the Welikie Luki/Newel fightings 1942/43.

A member of Regiment Danmark in may 1943, and together with Division Nordland in Croatia.

Part of Regiment Danmark 11. company he saw action at the Narva battle (February-july 1944) and specielly at the Blue Hills (Tannenberg) He were a part of the few 11. company survivers who were placed in front of Kinderheimhöhe.

He came in security together with about 7-8 others. Wounded 3 times during the war and received severial medals, incl. Iron Cross 2. class.

He was taken by the russians in March 1945 around Arnswalde and spent 18 month as a POW in Sibiria.

Beside himself and his wife who died in 1982 i'm the only one that know his time in SS.

I'm the only that have got the full story from his past.

In September 2012 the veteran and i was 3 days in Narva and Tannenberg to visit the places, it was the first time in 68 years that he went back.

The book will be published in 2017.

I have used a lot of time in archive in Denmark, Germany and Russia to find informations about the danish volounteers in SS.

I have been 3 times in Narva(Estonia) and 1 time in Demjansk together with a former Frikorps Danmark VET.

I have been in newspapers and television to tell about freikorps denmark.

My book 'Freecorps Denmark told in photos and other stories' will come out in english in 2017, during Helion.co.uk


Feel free to contact me: edghill@anarki.dk

At Wehrmacht awards forum, my member name is Larsen.


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jbrant@columbus.rr.com | Svar 14.10.2017 01.26

Do you know many Danish Waffen SS soldater who served in either the Danske Baltic-Auxiliare Corps in Estonia or the Palludan Korps in Northrusland in 1919-1920.

Penny fraser | Svar 16.01.2017 07.50

I'm wondering if you have ever come across
the name johannes ipsen in any of your
Research. He was a member of frikorp and
Was missing in action.

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29.03 | 14:58

Må jeg spørge om din baggrund? Hvorfor har du valgt at grave dig ned i det her emne ... det skal siges jeg spørger af ren nysgerrighed.


26.03 | 13:10

Hej Lars. Jeg skrev til dig om min far Ejler emil Jenen og hans 2 brødre Åge Viggo Jensen og Børge Ferdinand Jensen, onkelBørge døde efter krigen i Frøslevlejre

12.03 | 13:07


Jeg leder efter oplysninger på min oldefar Erik Pedersen. Han var medlem af frikorps Danmark, Tog til Rusland skjulte sig i skovene der.

03.03 | 17:09

Jeg søger oplysninger om min onkel, Jens Carlsen, født 24. april 1924 i Skæve og død i Narva/Estland den 26. juli 1944 - evt. hvor der kan søges. Vh. Find

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